The time draws near when goths, freaks, deathrockers, industrial kids, and darkwavers from all walks of life and points of the globe will make their mopey way to Seattle for Convergence 6. For more details, see the Convergence 6 website.

The point of the listing is to help you get to know people. Once you visit their sites or read their blurbs, you can feel a little more comfortable about chatting with them at Convergence.

No more submissiones will be accepted. Sorry. See you in Seattle!

So far, we have 277 attendees listed (including couples / friends who are listed together), traveling from:
Canada (11):
British Columbia | Ontario| Toronto | Vancouver
Europe and points outside North America (3):
Regensburg, Bavaria (Germany)
London (United Kingdom)
Oslo (Norway)
The US:
East (34)
Maryland | Massachusettes | New Jersey | Pennsylvania | New York
Midwest (36)
Illinois | Indiana | Kansas | Kentucky | Minnesota | Missouri | Michigan | Ohio | Wisconsin
South (21)
Alabama | Florida | Georgia | Louisiana | North Carolina | Tennesee | Virginia
West (172)
Arizona | California | Colorado | Idaho | Montana | New Mexico
Oklahoma | Oregon | Texas | Utah | Washington

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