Attendees from Canada

British Columbia:
Steph writes: Online you will find me loitering about in #gothic and #gothic_chamber on dalnet as Throkmorton or Pippi. I'm a secretary by day, and a geek by night. I'm on a ton of mailing lists. I hail from a really small town in BC, Canada called Kamloops. I'm going to C6 with a few other people from here. This will be my first Convergence. If you happen to be hailing from the great white north, and feel like doing the last 10 hours of a bus ride with someone, e-mail me at
Opium is a friendly, pretty happy, surfer goth in training. You can say hi. Look for a dark blue pineapple haircut. Email her.
six is Opium's fiance, so don't touch. Bouncy, hyper, and strange. Be afraid. Email him.
Kiria is always happy meeting new people. She'll probably be packing pixie stix. This will be her 2nd Convergence.Email her.
50 Ft Queenie is a perkygoth with a penchant for PJ Harvey, sushi, cheesy 80's pop music and cats. This will be her 3rd convergence. Yay! (E-mail her.)
Gwen lives in Toronto (originally from scotland)and goes my the names Misery and Spite on the net, she is a bartender by night and a vintage clothing retail manager by day. This self proclaimed velvet queen is attending her 2nd convergence. She hasn't decided whether to fly or not but if you're coming through Toronto or reasonably close and want a travel companion let her know, she's willing to split on driving/costs etc. She's going to be meeting up with her boi Ashlar who's currently stuck in Montana, he'll be staying at the Crowne Plaza. If you're looking for a roomie at the main hotel, let her know, they have room for one or two more. Check out her webpage for more info.
Armed with tapes, maps and a two-week supply of chocolate-covered expresso beans, Siobhan and her intrepid band of black-clad travellers will be driving the van "Handbasket" from the snowy wilds of Toronto to the slightly less snowy wilds of Seattle. This will be her third Convergence as a mere attendee, and she plans on having a rediculously good time while consuming large quantities of Seattle's semi-famous coffee and beer, secure in the knowledge that nobody is going to ask her to organize anything.
Of course, where's there's Tea and velvet, you'll be sure to find Rachel and Morgan. These Vancouverinites will cast off the shackles of the working world for a day or two and drop in to see their old pals Pan, Violet & Ken, C-ko, and every-damn-body else. Best of all, they'll bring other shackles with them!! Anyone interested in taking the Amtrak Cascade to and from Vancouver should E Morgan, at Maybe we'll have enough gloomy goths to commandeer a whole car for ourselves, and insist on having the Conductor play our autographed copy of "Near Dark" on the way down. In a perfect world, we'll be right next to the lounge car.
This will be the first Convergence for both Keith and Shayla (aka Psionic & The Lady Imperatress), and they are looking forward to meeting many new friends! Keith is a talent scout for Interdimensional Industries, and his band, Seventh Image, recently signed a recording contract with them. You can check them and a the others out at Shayla is a freelance Graphic Designer and Craftsperson, come check out her wares on Saturday at the Merchants Bazaar. Look for Tempest Design! (E-mail them.)

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