Attendees from down South
Celestyna writes: "I'm currently a Systems & Network Admin working for The Man in Huntsville, AL as well as the proprietress of Velvet Apocalypse , a free web service for the morbid intelligentcia. I recently moved here from Houston, and unable to quell my nomadic urges, will relocate to Seattle in August 2000. My 3.5 Convergence journeys have been amazing, and I'm counting the days until I can again debauch with fellow IRCers, old-style gothfash boarders , AG-ites, and LinuxChix, as well as those I've met while stalking darkwave and ambient bands around the globe. So many new people to meet, the wait for C6 is unbearable! To pass the time I enjoy rediscovering the Ancient Feminine Arts of candlemaking, sewing, afrikan & oriental dance, esoterica, administering networks, and scripting *g*. I also hope to see some of you at GothCon2K soon."
Nyx writes: "I'm Nyx, a regular on a.g, and I wrote and maintain the FAQ for This will be my first Convergence. I'm currently a student working on a 2nd B.A. but I have decided to drop that and go to law school in the fall of this year." Nyx will be flying out of Nashville.

Vorpal- (aka NervsXians, pvcchest, and vorpybutt) has frequented Effnet #gothic and #goth (eh not lately) and can also be seen on AOL and ICQ. He has attended C4 and C5 and is hoping for an even better c6. Favors wearing PVC and black crushed velvet, but always dresses like a chick for at least one night of convergence,heh! You will most definately see him dancing drunk with an exposed belly, and oh yeah, he's a software engineer too (who cares). (E-mail him.)
Michaella is originally from Chicago, currently living in Orlando...Looking forward to second Convergence with friends Jim and Slash, seeing people that were at C5, and others from Chicago, seeing(hearing) Attrition...and finally getting to Seattle! (E-mail her.)
Axis Silverhand writes: "2nd Convergence, FlaNetGoth (yes, I kick when I dance) AntiquityGoth, Senior Software Analyst, bartender, on a quest for velvets." (E-mail him.)

Blu is the editor of StarVox Music Zine and also keeps the Atlanta Gothic Photo Gallery updated. She'll be bringing along some goodies to hand out with Jett Black and other members of the StarVox staff at their promotional table (also expected to make an appearance are staff members Anthony from Seattle, Kirin from Arizona and Steph from Canada - see This is her second trip to Convergence.
John is Atlanta's favorite ex-cop-comupter geek-GQ Goth. He maintains Atlanta's Gothic Knights which serves as a website for Pandora's Box (promotions) and as a List Serve for our email group in cooperation with This is his second Convergence.
Kevin, aka Spiceboy, is known for his fondness for the Spice Girls . He usually has on a Spice Girl necklance and is toting a Spice Girl lunchbox/purse. He's insane, hyper and has more energy than most power plants (the scary thing is he came that way - no artificial perks needed).

Rane writes: "I will be attending c6 as I did with c5, I hope to not be working again, I live in New Orleans with my girlfriend Andy (Gothic Alice). I am a web consultant and graphic designer. Here is my site, to learn more about me.
Ichabod is not going to Convergence, but his people, Heather Spear and Robert Tritthardt, will be there! This will be Heather's first Convergence as an attendee, and third overall. This is also Robert's first as an attendee, and second overall. They will be vending both days of the bazaar - stop by the Writhe and Shine table and say "meow!" You can find out more about Heather's various harebrained schemes at - photos are there, too!
Dr. Frank N. Furter is a frolicsome alien of indeterminate gender and compelling presence, enjoys transduction, science, large home-cooked meals, folk dancing and Steve Reeves movies, seeks same or similar for abject servitude. Loyolaty shall be rewarded in abundance. Only time wasters need respond. (E-mail it.)
VLillyV writes: "I'm a New Orleans resident, this will be my first time venturing away from this wonderful city since I moved here 8 months ago. This will be my second convergence and my first time on the west coast." (E-mail her.)

North Carolina:
Jennifer Morgan Bane writes: "I'm the shopkeeper for Anything But Typical, an online catalog of Gothic Essentials which is found at I'm also a lurker on alt.gothic, and an intermittent poster on I will be traveling from Charlotte, North Carolina with my fiance and business partner Grave Rob. This will be my first Convergence, but I'm diving in headfirst, not just attending but also vending. I'll be bringing a little of everything, including gothic clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, candles, bedspreads, and more. Can't wait to meet everyone!"
Madame Archel writes: "I am a "perky" goth...and you can read much more about me on my website. I will be attending my first Convergence, and I am very excited to meet many of my online friends in person, as well as meet up with some friends I've already met. I hail from the Asheville area, and since I missed Gothcon in Atlanta, I'm really excited about C6. I'm also finally getting to see the other coast!"

Tragibat writes: "I am from a small town in Tennessee......this will be my second convergence...i went last year to New was fun so i thought to myself.."why not go again?"..and i answered..."why not?". But I am a death rock, industrial, and punk fan...i'm soon to be moving to L.A....i just hope that this one will be as fun as the last....*big smiles* "
Steve and Valerie Laubenheimer, will be making this trip as newlyweds. We anticipate a very good time. This will be our first major trip since getting married, so I guess it is our honeymoon, sort of. Looking forward to meeting you all and partying like mad!

Steel Jen lives in Alexandria, Va (right outside of dc) and writes: "I'm looking forward to my second convergence. I wasn't technically a net.goth at c5, so it will be nice to actually know who people are this year..."
Porphyria will be attending her third Convergence, she will be with Steel Tart once again for hotel shenanigans. She's already started to rebuild her clothing collection for the festivities. This time she'll run into everyone that she wanted to meet, but didn't get to.. and actually meet Madelyn this year :P if you see Porphyria, say hi.
Artemis/Boadicea writes: "I'm currently from Herndon, VA. I rent out my soul to the Evil Empire that is taking over the world, making sure a popular chat program doesn't die. (And no, I don't know why you are getting all of that spam, and I can't stop it.) I've been wandering around the net.goth scene since sometime in '95, and am looking forward to trying desperately to get over my shyness to meet all of the people I went "Ooh, that's ." at c5. I'm a very rare poster to a.g.f, using the nickname Artemis, and the nick Boadicea whilst cavorting around irc land. I generally respond to either. Aside from that, I'm very tall, currently sporting golden locks, and have a funny accent. And I'm hoping I won't sprain my ankle within an hour of reaching Seattle, as I did last time I was there. ;)
Rat Bastard writes: "I've been on alt.gothic for 4 years, but this is actually my 2nd convergence... and my first time on the west coast. So, I'll be there for the fun, adventure, and all of the other nifty things that C5 got me hooked on. :)" Email him.

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