Attendees from back East
District of Columbia:
Psyche writes: "Greetings everyone! I am pretty much a partygoth (ooh! new word!) currently living in Washington DC and working as an online journalist. This will be my second Convergence as well as my second trip to Seattle, where the weather is far more favorable to velvet-wearing than New Orleans. I'm sticking around the city for a couple more days since it was such hell to go right back to gray-suit-land after C5! If you're a local, find me and we'll hang. :)"

Algernon33 aka A33, is an elder member of "Corporate Goth", sporatic A.G. poster and Host of the C6 event, "Gothic Jeopardy" Originally from San Francisco. This shall be my 3rd Convergence. I look forward in seeing my friends,meeting new people and generally causing Trouble. I also wish to apoligise ahead of time for any um, drunken "indiscretions" I to,Do,On or With anyone. (E-mail him.)

Ian is a Boston netgoth imported from Albany, NY, where his love of goats is legendary. When not loving goats, Ian can usually be found playing with one electronic gadget or another. This will be his third Convergence, as he is rumored to have been spotted at C2 and C5. He is survived by his ferret Pixel.
Dionysia and Gaelen are Boston net.goths. They were handfasted in May 1999, and so they will be celebrating their 1st anniversary at C6. This will be Di's 3rd Convergence and Gaelen's 2nd. They're looking forward to seeing old net.friends and making new ones!
Ken is traveling with Sandy from New York. "1st for both, but definitely not the last, if we survive!"
Tyg3r and Chasz are a couple of perkygoffs from Lowell. Both are college students majoring in computer science. Tyg3r's interests include creating and viewing all different types of art; Chasz is into martial arts. This will be Tyg3r's sixth convergence, and Chasz's second. We look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones!
Benton is a sarkygoth who resides in lowell. He enjoys scarves, mismatched socks, hot hot hot techybit action. benton's honors include the winner of C5's stripper bingo, member of alt.gothic.elite, and commander of the world-wide h0t bi babe armies. This is benton's second convergence.
Bekah writes: "I used to post to a.g.f. alot, but have switched to IRC this year. This will be my second Convergence. I got to meet a lot of people last year, I'm determined to meet even more this year :) My husband Joe and I will be staying at the official hotel from Thursday 'till Tuesday afternoon."
james writes: "hello! i am a boston netgoth (originally from chicago (circa 1990)). even though i attended portions of the boston convergence, i consider this my first "official" convergence in that going to work is not an option. it is also my first time in seattle. i hope to meet new people and folks i know only by an email address (or by jpg's ;) ), so if you see me, grab me and say hello...but don't ask me to summon demonic water buffaloes, because i don't do that anymore." (E-mail him.)
silentq writes: "I just moved to Boston recently, from Toronto, and will be overjoyed to not have to cross an international border to get to my 5th Convergence. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone I've already met again and meeting new people, as usual."
arcanus scribes: "salutations. as my fifth convergence nears, i look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. this is the only convergence held in a city i have yet to visit, so i hope i am awake enough during the day to enjoy walking around. :) i like talking about philosophy, music, and geekie stuff. so come by and say hi. i won't bite... unless you're nice to me. ;)" (E-mail him.)
kelley (aka -cheating judas-) is a boston netgoth. if you look hard enough, she can be found putzing around in alt.gothic, and this will be her second convergence (c5 in NOLA being her first) and her first time in seattle. she hopes to meet some cool peeps and get the skinny on the dilio in seattle. with the lack of anymore interesting to write about, the bio ends here.. (E-mail her.)
Noire writes: "I'm a truly ancient eldergoth currently in the process of relocating from DC to Boston. I love ruins, decor, overdressing, glass work, reading, Love Is Colder Than Death, and biotech. Seattle is the center of the art glass world at the moment--anyone else interested in checking out studios and production? Travelling with my slaveboi Mattison, as at C4 and C5."

New Jersey:
Artum aka Zar hails from the Jersey area, near NYC, and is attending her 3rd convergence. She will be traveling again this year with November, and will be staying in the Official hotel. Looking foreward to seeing everyone again this year!
omard (Leanshen) writes: "Wicked sense of humor, a touch nervosa, a touch tongue in cheek(who wants to rule the world?), add a little sauce, bring to a froth and Voila! Post to a.g under omard-out" (Send email!)
Brian writes: "I decided to travel to Convergence five and totally celebrate my ass. This is my third convergence, and I decided this time I will make my ass happy. I'm traveling with some other girls from NJ (that claim NYC) and staying in a Secret Garden that only sailors can find the key to. I like Germans, folding chairs, hot pants, and long walks on the beach. I hate dirt, religous zealots, and cookies that pass themselves off as gastronomic delights. I'll have a boa or something on I'm sure.. oh yes.. I'm all about the Diva Posse. I am the Captain of the Pinafore, and a right good captain, too! I'm very, very good, And be it understood, I command a right good crew." (Email Brian)
Alda F. Xavier, aka. Madame X, writes: "I work and play in Manhattan, live in New Jersey and was born in sunny Algarve, Portugal. I'm 30 something (I stopped counting). No pets - I guess rocks don't count (I have a geology degree). I am the founder of an arts organization called 'The Rift.' I sponsor & host poetry readings, gallery openings and all sorts of arts/cultural events in NY & NJ. Including the New Jersey Goth Challenge 2000, where we selected a Master & Mistress of the NJ Goth Community. It was lots of fun. What else? I love to travel - in the past 2 years I've been to Paris, London, Sao Paulo, Caracas, Montreal, New Orleans, Atlanta.... In Atlanta I attended GothCon and was the mediator of the literary symposium with Voltaire and Nancy Collins. I also write poetry (in 4 languages - Portuguese, Spanish, French & English). This is my first trip to the West Coast. It is also my first time at a Convergence gathering. I'm traveling down by myself, but hope to run into lots of people that I know. I'm very excited and can't wait to meet everyone! E-mail me."

New York:
Leonardo is a New York City Victorian/romantic/fetish Goth depending on his mood. By day he works for an internet company and when evening strikes he is proprietor of and will be a vendor at C6. He occasionally contributes to SKIN TWO magazine and you can see his C5 pictures at
Xian & Diane write: "We're attending C6 on leave from Gotham City...or New York as some call it. We look forward to meeting alot of all accounts C6 should be a blast! Diane will be selling her line of gothic fineries...2 DYE 4 ,at the bazaar and Xian will be networking and promoting his darkwave/electro band THE GIRL POOL....
Sandy is traveling with Ken from Massachusettes. "1st for both, but definitely not the last, if we survive!"
Debs and Jill are two silly lil ubergoofs, travelling to Seattle with an abundence of squirt cheese and gummy eggs. This will be their second convergence, after causing much havoc in the land of Toronto. These girls enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and oops, sorry! They endeavor to meet lots more interesting characters come Seattle!
Adrienne writes: "My friend Bryan and I will be hailing from old Rochester, New York to attend (my 2nd, his 1st) Convergence... Bryan doesn't dance and as such I will need to meet some kindly, generous dancing souls to pull me away from the bar... We are happy to be returning to the beautiful Pacific Northwest :)
Rafe or Subucni writes: "My third convergence, the first intentionally not depending on an SO to split the room *eg* You may remember me (or more likely, the evil whips I was selling) from C5." (E-mail him.)
Rev. Damiana Vance aka wondermelmo, the stressed otaku dame writes: "Life is a fun swirling eddy of wonder melmo gorgeous clothing, laughter, and food. So Damiana needs to bring it to Seattle to throw some happiness of the pretty folks she meets there. If you see her, ask her for candy. She will have some. She will give you candy if you are friendly. Or if you're a hottie." (E-mail her.)
Sacred or ribbons72 (Carrin) writes: "Let's see . . . I've been in New York for over a year and a half, but currently I'm in the process of moving back to Texas, so, technically, I'll be travelling from Texas, but I'm kind of un-technically a New Yorker. *grin* This is my 2nd Convergence, my once a year chance to de-lurk and meet some .net goth personalities! (I hope to meet more this year, than I did last year.) I'm into too much stuff to list, love to dance and DJ, blah blah . . . I'm an artist by nature (currently working on altar art) and adore surrounding myself with other artists. Find me at C6 and ask me about the LYCHEE!" (E-mail her.)
SaraiCat writes: "I'm a student and live in NYC, but I am originally from Southern California. I'm planning on driving up with my buddy Sean Hexed. We're decent friendly folk, so feel free to say hello (especially if we met before at C5 or Hallowmas). Be not fooled by this photograph, I have pink hair these days."
Clifford writes: "I'm a bibliophile, a film buff, love to sketch and sculpt, wisecrack compulsively, give great backrubs, and am a kazoo virtuoso. This will be my fifth Convergence. I've been running a goth night in NYC called Byzantium, but I'm probably also well known for running, nycgoth, NYCgoth-L (the longest running regional gothlist), and for some writings on magic and astrology. I'll be staying at the official hotel with friends, and am looking forward to getting roaring drunk with every goddamn last one of you." Email him.

November writes: "Looking forward to my 3rd Convergence. I'll be traveling from Pittsburgh, PA. Going to be traveling once more with my good friend Artum, We'll both be staying at the official hotel this year, and are looking foreward to seeing old friends, and meeting some new ones!
Kris the lil bl00 munchkin writes: "Bwah. I lurked on a.g for ages.. now I post at least once a day (you poor bastards).. I'm on the Babygoth mailing list, have been for a few years now... Kat, Narni, Wendy, Cheshy.. and all the nifty people on a.g. will be pounced. Consider yourselves warned :) I'm a perky lil bl00 person from Australia who somehow got transplanted out right near the Amish. Coincidence? We think not." (E-mail.)

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