Europe and other places not found on the North American Continent
Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany:
Uwe A. P. Wuerdinger (known online as Doc a.k.a. Dr. Pain) writes: Well, second Convergence for myself (C4 was great). The last years I wasn't able to contribute a lot over @ alt.gothic, de.soc.subkultur.gothic and my job kept me too busy :( so I have to hold up the banner for dssg and Germany's net.goths. Everyone from the Pridegoth or Boi Fancy list who wants to meet is welcome to mail me.
Oslo, Norway:
Dag writes: "Well what can I say, I woke up one morning and decided that traveling half way across the world to addend C6 would be a grand idea, so I sent off for a ticket and then it kind of built up from there. This will be my very first convergence, so I'll finally be meeting some of the lovely a.g people whome I've wasted a large part of my life with. For those who care I live in Oslo and work as a Network admin for a computer animation studio doing movies and TV programs and stuff. If you see a bloke with long brown hair bitching about how they don't server good whisky at the bar, then chances are you have run into me. Right that's it really." Email Dag.
London, the United Kingdom:
Fross is making the trek across the atlantic for yet another damn net.goth festival. If you think you're coming a long way, bear in mind it's a 14 hour flight from London, England, to Seattle! He'll be looking for a few people to drag back over with him, too, as the lineup of European festivals this year (Leipzig, Eurorock, Zillo, Whitby, Dark Easter, etc) is looking particularly good, but nothing is quite as net.goth.centric as a Convergence. Planning to make this a reasonably long trip, he might be doing some running around the west coast around the event, and plans to spend a ton of time with all the alt.gothic,, uk.people.gothic... etc etc people. Any aims? Perhaps to drink more than at C5, and to have Monty Python slumber parties. If you want to know more about him, go to

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