Attendees from the host-state of Washington
Pan writes: "Alright, dammit. I saw no reason to submit, since a blurry picture of me is on the C6 website, but everyone keeps giving me a hard time, so : a blurry picture on the roll call site it is! I'm one of the C6 organizers and I'll be the guy glaring at you, remembering that question that you asked. ;p Yes, those *are* blue jeans. Yes, that is a demon familiar to my left. Any comments about the former will anger the latter. I'll be asleep in my room in the official hotel during C6, collapsed from exhaustion! Mac's my 'ho." Email him.
Jilli writes: "I'm a harried (but not as harried as Pan Satyricon!) C6 committee member. I've been on a.g.f for years and years. I'll be the Victorian-looking one wearing a top hat and Poofy Skirts, hanging around with Shechemist." Email her.
Gray now lives in Seattle (after 27 years in Indiana, and enough time in New Orleans to attend C5 as a local), where he is a software engineer and spends his free time being a database weenie for C6. The Sunday of C6 is his 30th birthday, buy him a Black Orchid. Email him.
Vomvamuse writes: "I admit it! I was the one who called and told the revervationist that i would be 'Paaaar-te-ing it up ALL NIGHT LONG'. I just didn't tell them it was in our Apartment that we would be doing it, heh heh. We are most likely the closest to the festivities being 4 blocks away. (you people on the south side of the Crowne, NO PEEKING!) I am a one of the C6 Commitee being in charge of logistics. Any hotel complaints will get a "I am very sorry to hear that....go to hell... now buy me a drink" reponse. This is of course my East coast coming out (along with big old hair) being that i am from the pretty part of new jersey. And no, niether Rachel (also c6'er) nor I, both being amazons, will NOT beat you up...even if you ask nicely. Really, I am uber excited that you are all coming to experince our fantastic city. My only hope is that we deliver you a memoriable event!" Email her.
Obscurite / Red deLeon writes: "This will be my first convergence, and I'm looking forward to meeting others that I've only talked to online. Being only 16 (convergance ends just a few days before my birthday [hint hint buy me stuff]) I don't get the chance to meet as many new people as I'd like to. I'm kind of shy, but I love to make new friends, and can chat up a storm on almost any topic. Just because I wont know most of the people, doesn't meet I wont by the end of the weekend. In fact, I'm rather proud to have C6 in our Emerald City."
Fang writes: "I'm Fang. I live in Seattle. I read alt.gothic when I'm trying to fill my wasted-time quota for the week. I subscribe to the Seattle.Gothic mailing list, and I sometimes actually read it. Until recently I was System Administrator for the MSN Service Operations Center. It was a cover. I'm really a Linux freak and now work as a Systems Analyst for Go2Net. IRL, you can't find me anywhere, because I don't have time for anything except my computers, wife, and daughter. This Convergence will be my first, and as it will also be my only sanctioned break from amassing knowledge and money for the year, I will probably be in a good mood and completely insane."
Josie (Luna) & Justin (Don Quixote), the Convergence 6 webmistress and her live-in love. :) Josie writes: "I'm currently employed as a web developer by Paul Allen's internet biz, Go2Net. I've been a lurker on a.g since 1998, and can usually be found posting makeup and clothing crap on a.g.f (as Luna Sidhe). During dull moments at work, I contribute much more often to the Seattle.Gothic mailing list.

Justin is in charge of desserts at a fabulous local restaurant, the Pink Door. When you guys come into town, I'd recommend going there at least once -- it's in a great location, too! Smack in the middle of the Pike Place Market. </shameless plug>"

Morgue and Damon, collectively known as the darkers, work and school in the Seattle area. Morgue studies apparel design and Damon practices graphic design for one of the largest firms in the northwest In their spare time, they explore ancient archeological sites around the world, make music, clothing, art and love. They were recently married in symbolic silence, sanctioned by the very spirits whose gravesite was their altar.
Trish, a dear little thing from the greater Seattle area, has been lurking on alt.gothic and the Sea-Goth list for a year or so. Though she's quite sure that no one will have a clue who she is, she looks forward to seeing the faces that fit the names.
Donya is fresh meat in the Seattle area and might actually still be living there by the time C6 arrives. She's a long time a.g.'er but can only occasionally (once or twice a month) be found lurking there under the name of Masque. She wastes most of her time at Real Networks where she claims to be employed, and spends the rest of it playing with her kittens who are slowly taking the place of people in her life.
When Jyri isn't trying to avoid all the rain that Seattle seems to dump on itself, he is busy playing electric violin in a local Seattle Goth band (Tri-State Killing Spree)
Greg and Sabrina are antique dealers located in Tacoma, WA. Greg is a sometime comedy writer and a master of talking about himself in the third person. He also claims to have a "black belt in Kama Sutra." Go figure. Sabrina is a former guitar player from "Heart of Darkness" (a popular now-defunct goth band from Portland). She is also a full-time "hot chick."
My name is Jason Wallach (a.k.a. The Unquiet Void) and just to let you know I live just outside Seattle these days and might just be spotted lurking about the Seattle streets during Convergence. I do look forward to meeting new people. I also hope to get in to see Attrition. My wife, daughter and I recently moved here from Southern Florida.
Sebastian & Alaine: Lurkers on alt.gothic, dancing duo L. Sebastian and Alaine are commonly seen at Seattle local clubs The Catwalk and The Mercury. Sebastian is a project management consultant and occassional photographer, while Alaine is an actor and occassional model. Both are looking forward to meeting everyone! (Photo by Gabrielle Fine of "Fine Photography").
Vicula hangs out at mercury and flocks to wherever 80s music is playing. She has been known to go to the Culture Club and brave the white shirted jean wearing masses, just to be able to stand by a Boy George Mural and hear Duran Duran. Vicula is a sea-goth listee, lives in the Emerald City, and will be scoping the Convergence events, looking for new, fun people to talk to. She enjoys Glam, New Wave, and Brit pop Music (Suede being her fave). She will be running around with a camera, taking pictures of the lovely people visiting our city, and would like to about a Purple Rain or Velvet Goldmine viewing party?! She'll be the one dancing like Molly Ringwald when JQ & Brishan break out 80s music at the Mercury. Email her at, and go to her site
We are Asia and Joey, and we live in Seattle. We are looking forward to meeting everyone! Joey is in the military, and Asia is a Fetish model. This will be our first Convergence, but hopefully not our last! Were not shy, so come on up and say hello!
Elexa aka Aggrogrrl writes: "I shall be dragging my girlfriend Sidhe, and a few of the others in the Spookaloo gothic/industrial scene, where we make up the table of Darkness at the local hangout (like there are any good ones in Spokane) with me. I am a web designer. I've lived all over the US, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Bloomington IN just to name a few. I'm a native of Seattle though."
Grr.Stomp aka Erica or Fragile Creation likes music. Lots of music. And she's going to be on the cruise too! You *must* talk to her, or you will be disappointed. It's free!
Ryan writes: "I've never been to a Convergence before, so I'm not quite sure what to expect... In fact, I'm scared..terrified even... somebody hold me... *whimpers*..oh, uh.. sorry. Seriously, though, I live in the gawd awful city of Spokane. I'm your basic perkygoff / musician / artist / photographer / big weirdo type, I guess. I also do website work and drink a lot. And I hate this pic of me. Anywho, if you wanna know more, I guess you'll hafta email me." *nods*
Athena writes: "hiya, this will be my first Convergence. I don't really participate in any email lists or boards, but ppl may recognize my sites: Freak (my main site) Seattle's Children of the Night and my unofficial Faith & Disease page. Although I spend most of my time in Olympia, I can also be found bouncing around the Vogue or Mercury in Seattle. I'm excited about the fact that Seattle is going to be overrun with goths and you will probably be able to spot me (I'll be the one in the white belt, lol) running around with my friend Stefany (she will be the one yelling, "I'm not goth!") and blinding everyone with my spooky little Nickelodean camera."
Carla Holley writes: "I'm employed as a web developer, working for the City of Seattle for the past *gasp* 14 years. I am a mommygoth, have 3 kids. You can find my occasional erudite post on the seattle-gothic mailing list, and also a bunch of my dumb posts. I like to dance a lot and spend Wednesdays at the Vogue, and the occasional Friday/Saturday at Mercury or Catwalk. This is my first Convergence, I'll be one of the volunteers at the Vendor Fair."
`Una writes: "i am a regular on alt.gothic and post sporadically to this is my first convergence. i will be staying at the official hotel and look forward to meeting as many people as possible." (E-mail her.)
Michael Montoure is a professional horror writer and web developer who has spent his whole life in Seattle. He's been lurking on alt.gothic for years, and more recently started spending a lot of time on the Seattle.Gothic mailing list and out at the Mercury. Feel free to seek him out with questions about Seattle, writing, or the fantasy lives of fireflies. (E-mail him.)
Kait Moon is a 24 year old Vegan. She "loves the Cure, Depeche Mode, Sister's of Mercy, Pet Shop boys, The Smiths, electronic, brown rice, potstickers, the internet, the colors black and purple, my dog, 3 cats and my Lover with a mad passion. Hate liars. The dark is my friend wheather I like it or not. You can find me on yahoo (kaitmoon)(I also have several of my own clubs), AIM (kaitmoon76), and ICQ (moondancer). (E-mail her.)
Lorian writes: "I live here in Seattle, this will be my first Convergence. I will be volunteering at the Bazaar on Saturday, so hopefully I'll get to see and meet a lot of you. I'm an artist by day, I work at a game company (no, not WOTC) and by night I frequent the clubs around Seattle. I used to live in Boston, so I might recognize those coming from there. " (E-mail her.)
Ded` and Lucid~ aka Michelle and Michael write: "We just recently married last summer and moved to the west coast from Tulsa, Oklahoma (which isn't as bad as it least there a legal adult may attend a concert any time they damn well please) When I'm not bitching and moaning about Washington's liquor/club laws, I work on my electrical engineering degree at Olympic College. Michael works in an underwater tin can .. based in Naval Submarine Station Bangor, WA on the USS Henry M. Jackson. In our spare time, we enjoy sitting at home watching digimon and occasionally torturing our roommates. Upon the rare event, when we actually have money, we drive down to Portland and get our club fix at the Paris Theatre. We generally don't go across the sound to Seattle, since all the clubs are 21+ and Michael(being of legal drinking age) has no one to go with (I still have 1 yr 4 months to go). We look forward to meeting more people from Seattle (and to seeing old friends as well)." (E-mail them.)
Johnny Victory has been alternately been called "a soul sucking pariah" and an "outright genius" for his various forays into music, writing, DJ'ing and record production. Currently ensconsed in his deluxe underground bunker/DMT laboratory, he is loooking very forward to the opportunity to come out of hiding with his lovely wife d-girl and test the limits of bachnallian revelry at C6. Lock up your children. (E-mail him.)
Hardrock Llewynyth writes: "I've lived in the Seattle area for my entire life. It's really looking forward to seeing a Convergence here. I am a semi-irregular on alt.gothic, though i am on hiatus currently. I created and run the Seattle.Gothic mailing list, which currently has over 200 members. I claim to work for, but mostly i just hang out online and whine about work a lot. I try to spend time hanging out at the Mercury, but I'm usually too busy with work and stuff. There is far more info available in my website than anyone would want; but it's kind of a mess right now since i'm in the process of revamping everything. The picture is of me and my finace, Deadrose; who will also be attending. (The orange bits in my ears are earplugs)." (E-mail him.)
mika aka adderroo writes, "hi. i'm mika. ask me if i'm an orange." (E-mail her.)
deadrose is a Seattle-area eldergoth, appearing for the first time since C3. She writes: "My herd of kindergoths (ages 9-15) are hoping to meet other kids, so parents who are bringing theirs, drop me a line?" (E-mail her.)
Sundita aka Sunny is from Seattle, is fluent in jive talkin', and wakes up looking exactly like this picture every single day.
Shechemist writes: "I hung out on AG for a while 4 years ago, moved to AGF and I now reside on the Seagoth list. If you are looking for me, I'm the surly chick with Jillian. Everyone knows what Jillian looks like."
Nathan aka i86. industry86, or terminal is a so called nice guy, looking for woman to enjoy dancing, walks on the beach and sex. (E-mail him.)

Julie writes: "I am yet another Go2Net Web developer aka lackey. This will be my second convergence (C5 was the first). I have lived in Seattle since 1997 and done my best to be club trash since." (E-mail her.)

[ .--- --- .... -. / -... --- .-- . -. ] writes: "I spend my days hiding in the darkness, away from the eyes of mortal men. My nights are spent namedropping at local clubs, pretending I'm in an industrial band just to pick up hot goth chicks. I'm allergic to sunlight and garlic, I only wear pirate shirts, and I bathe in the blood of my fresh kills. In my spare time I enjoy stalking the members of Attrition, sinking cruise ships, getting my Crow outfit ready for the costume contest, planning the death of Voltaire, having my way with the body of Edward Gorey, and taking long walks on the beach with that special someone. [note: if you don't believe this entry is a real person, please ask anyone on the C6 committee... they all want to bear my children, especially Pan]" (E-mail Squish with long lists of the sexual practices you'd like to try out on his / her / its rotting flesh.)
augustine currently lives in seattle, a 20 yearold boi, he has lived in hawaii, taiwan, japan, ireland... and loves to travel yet feels quite marooned at the moment. he can speak fluently in japanese and sometimes possesses the ability to have others understand him in english. augustine loves the sensations of music: radiohead, jeff buckley, tricky... and has tastes as diverse. he originally did not plan to attend convergence but now has taken on the ‘assignment’ of filming the fashion show. He is quite shy and mischievous, a cat who cant make up his mind.. please keep an eye out for him. he would love to meet people he otherwise would not (unable to scrounge anyone to accompany him, he will be the one playing solitaire in the elevator *scrunches nose, pouts*). You might see him modeling for the 'apocalypse hardwear' set of the fashionshow.. he just might find courage enough to do it.(E-mail him.)

Manda writes: "Muahahaha. I laugh like a cartoon villain at this picture, but it's the closest I have to matching my current hair. Hmmm... about me ? I am not an orange, I just play one on IRC."(E-mail her.)

Douglas writes: "I'm Douglas. I'm a shy, quiet, polite young man just looking to get along. can't we all just get along? During the weekend of Convergence, I'm going to be unemployed - buy me a drink." (E-mail him.)

Becky aka zentariana writes: "i live in olympia. it's a happy place. i'm 18.. i smile nearly all the time.. i work in a pretzel shop.. my finger hurts.. anyway. i've never been to a convergence before.. i've only just started knowing about message boards.. i cannot wait!" (E-mail her.)

The deuce, guitarist for Murder of Crows, recently escaped police custody and was last seen in the state of Washington. If approached, do not make any sudden movements or gestures in his presence. Under no circumstances is he allowed to trade pants with you. (E-mail him.)

Cat Nilan, ("Piranesi") lives in Seattle with her familiar Noirsette ("Pookie-Cat"). She used to be a history professor, but now she's just an unemployed slacker with a Baudelaire fixation. She is the C6 volunteer coordinator. (E-mail her.)
BrookMonster T. Hatch aka Brookula, babbles semi-coherently: "Madness. Wait, there's more. Hi, I'm a denizen of the Emerald City, albeit currently estranged with my fixation on getting a CS degree from Evergreen State College. Stop snickering! Just wait, I'll be back... I'll get you my pretty, you and your little dog too!" (E-mail him.)
Marc writes: "I live here in Seattle and am a member of the SeaGoth mail list as well as several other private cliquish mail lists that I'm not going to tell you about. Anyone from my home state of Oklahoma can fee free to hunt me down so I can by them a drink." (E-mail him.)
karma aka blackswan is a very creative and sensual being who is very excited about c6 and she hopes to make lots of new friends. she enjoys costuming taking pictures of costumes and dancing to good music (E-mail her.)
A regular on a.g from 1993-1997 (and the first person ever flamed by Jealousy!), Kirsti (not jherek) was also one of the founding members of seattle-gothic. She doesn't spend much time online anymore. Her Victorian house with the wine cellar has taken over her life. She's a librarian with a frightening store of obscure facts and little-known trivia. Just ask anyone. Email her.
Absinth is a native of the greater Seattle area. This will be her second Convergence, C5 having been her first. She can most often be found at work ( or commuting on the Washington State Ferry System, but is taking a well-deserved break to attend C6, with which her birthday happens to coincide. Absinthe will most likely be spotted in the company of her fiance', AshWednesday. Her home page is available for your perusal. Email her.
Ms Tinkerbell (with Vonric) writes: "Former SFgoth junkie, infact for 4 years... Vonric is the love of my life, he too is a former SF resident... We moved up last year to Seattle, and now enjoying the cool weather, and the cheaper rent!"Email MsTinkerbell.
Lori Dyann writes: "I'm a Local SeaGoth(tm). I was at C5, and I'm really excited to have C6 in my town." Email her.
Hi, I'm Jodi. Look for my designs as well as me in the C6 fashion show! I'll be modeling a few of my own designs. I'm part of the Apocalyse Hardware contingent. Brap on!
Necronyx says his bio is on his website. E-mail him.
When not boring people with endless techspeak, Riff pegs the TMI-o-meter on issues of polyamory and sex-positiveness. He is also known to spout unpopular opinions on what a DJ's role should be and the evils of beat-mixing. His clothes are usually as obnoxious as his rants. He is often found dancing badly and sweating profusely in the Merc. Avoid at all costs.
Joy swears it just yesterday when she logged on and found the folks had chased the darkwavers off into a corner called alt.gothic, and marvels that five prior Convergences snuck by before she got around to attending one. When she's not wrestling her cat Xiombarg for the keyboard, she is usually found lurking about (or is that larking?) on one or more of the Seattle mailing lists. She likes conversation but often doesn't know what to say, so don't mind the awkward silences. E-mail her.
Deus is still trying to sort some sense of sanity out for himself after arriving in the City almost two years ago. This is his first Convergence, and he's crazy enough to actually be a volunteer for this one! Please, be gentle. E-mail him.
Gored Torso is a regular alki at the Vogue, and can be recognized by his Canadian accent. Gored also is known for his crusade to have hockey recognized as the "gothic sport".
I'm Bridget. I moved to Seattle 4 years ago from NYC. I do the a.g.f thing. I'm known for my wacky hairdressing hijinks. I rent my space at the local hair shop SCREAM. Don't be afraid to say hi, and don't be afraid to yell at me either. E-mail me.
Boo Boo Kittie writes only: "'I'm only happy when it rains...' ~Garbage"
Stacy aka GlitrGoth/LadyAine writes: "This is my 3rd Convergence and am very proud to be the hosting city. Seattle is such a beautiful city that I know most people will fall in love with it as I did. Am also very excited to be a part of the fashion show portion of this year's Convergence. Looking forward to seeing many familiar faces from previous years! Which btw Leonardo from NYC keep an eye out for me hun I will be the one in the rubber nun's dress! :>" E-mail me.

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