C6 Day 2 - Wherein we looted the city, then took to the high seas

Photos primarily by Anthony and a few by Madelyn

279-seaulls_at_ivars 280-kara+jeremy1 281-kara+jeremy2 283-steve 284-silence

Seagulls outside
Ivars Acres
of clams

Kara & Jeremy
from Arizona

They very kindly invited me to join them at dinner!

from Arizona

One of my
roomshare bois

from Arizona

My other
roomshare boi

285-silence+steve 286-gary 288-gary+mad1 289-gary+mad2 290-mad+kendra

Silence & Steve
ready to Cruise!

My friend Gary, and 2 of us together

Not a Convergee, but a very cool guy from Portland

Kendra and Madelyn

Kendra is my hero,
because she's so sweet
and she started a
G.O.T.H.I.C.S. chapter
in Milwaukee!

291-harbor 293-arrrrrh 295-gnat 296-gnat 297-gnat+sable

This harbor was safe...
but not for long!

Piracy! Lunacy!

Isn't this illegal?

Natalie, alone and with her husband Sable

298-catherinna 300-catherinna 301-cruiseboi 302-yosa 303-hotelboy

Mistress Caherinna, one of my C6 heros!


The beautiful (and
skeptical) Yosa at
the Hotal

Doc Pain
from Bavaria

  304-hotelcouple   305-hotelboi  

Sarai and elemental


avacadoman from Oregon


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