C6 Day 1 - Wherein we strutted our stuff at the Catwalk

Photos primarily by Anthony, a few by Madelyn, and maybe one or two by other Utahns

254-bus 255-catwalk 258-dawn+catwalk_crowd 259-alicia+jamie 260-voltaire

A funny 'Ask Jeeves'
ad on a bus

The Catwalk entrance

Dawn amid a
crowd of dancers

Alicia and Jamie

Voltaire chatting
with people

262-mainfloor_booth 264-chad 265-catwalk_dancers 266-tony+alanja 267-tracy+chad

The main dance
floor DJ booth

Chad observing
the dancing

Catwalk dancers

Tony and Alanja
acting silly

(This is very common
for Alanja!)

Tracy and Chad

268-slowdive 269-madelyn_djing 270-jeffie 271-madelyn_djing 273-catwalk_dancers

DJ slowdive
saving the day!

(He was a rock; he
saved the day about 20
times before the
Catwalk even opened!)

d j . d r o w n
(Madelyn) spinning
on the main floor

(Do I look as
nervous as I felt?)

Jeffie shooting

d j . d r o w n (Madelyn)
spinning again

Catwalk dancers

  274-alanja+voltaire_dancing 275-madylyn+madelyn 276-tracy_dancing  

Alanja and Voltaire
dancing in the
back room

(I think the song was
"This is Halloween" from
Nightmare Before Christmas)

Madylyn & Madelyn

(I was so excited
to meet Madylyn)

Tracy dancing

People dancing to Grimley Fiendish in the main room at the Catwalk

People dancing to Grimley Fiendish in the main room at the Catwalk

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