C6 Day 1 - Invocation & Kiva Han

Photos primarily by Anthony & Madelyn

210-chad 211-tracy 212-madelyn 213-maxie 214-tracy+chad




Maxie showing
some leg

Chad helping Tracy
with her necklaces

215-windowview 216-tracy+maxie 217-gj-nat+sable 218-gj_voltaire 228-miranda+morgan+more

Chad's view

Tracy and Maxie
in the lobby

Natalie and Sable
in Gothic Jeapordy

Voltair singing
"Science Fiction
Double Feature"

Miranda and Morgan
with a friend

229-morgan+britany 231-jamie+other 232-britney+chesh 233-jodi+boi 234-kim

Morgan and Britney

Jamie with a friend

Britney and Cheshire

Jodi and her Boi

Kim, I think

235-people 236-voltaire+jodi 237-people 238-slc-expatriots 239-person

A Bruise of Goths

Voltaire and Jodi

Another Bruise

2 SLC ex-patriots

Ann Koi from
Catalyst Studios

240-sara_shy 241-sara_smile 242-silence+macross 243-anthony 244-anthony

Sara, shy

Sara, smiling

Silence and Macross

(Silence was one of my
roommates at the hotel)


245-seattlecouple 246-seattlecouple 247-seattleguy 248-seattleguy 249-ravenheadcane

Someone and Monsignor

Shakespeare and his Cane

250-Madylyn 251-MsMargaret 252-MsMargaret 253-MsMargaret


Ms Margaret

(Who is also a RL friend of a friend)

Voltaire performing Science Fiction Double Feature

Voltaire performing Science Fiction Double Feature

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