Utah G.O.T.H.I.C.S.
Gothic Organization To Help In Community Service


Those Kindly Goths - Marcus and Chunga, Stupid News - 107.5 The End (KENZ) - July 30, 1998
Madelyn was lucky (?) enough to catch Marcus and Chunga talking about GOTHICS during their morning show. Although they were a little sarcastic and silly (suggesting, as so many have before, that we knit "black baby booties," for instance), they were nice enough - and only a little condescending - when Madelyn called.

Spotlight Five - Kerry, Bill and Gina, Radio from Hell - X-96 (KXRK) - July 7, 1998
After discussing GOTHICS on the Radio From Hell show on June 5, these three were kind enough to invite us on the Spotlight Five show. Then they changed the times and didn't let us know! However, since Stevan, Heidi, and Madelyn showed up when they were supposed to, there was enough time to promote the benefit concert. They made vague promises of having us back on again.

Live with Kevin Stansfield - KSL -- June ??, 1998
Alicia and Madelyn appeared on Kevin Stansfield's show, answering questions about "gothics in Utah," and about the GOTHICS group. The show was aired nationally.


Benefit Concert - Fox 13 - July 15, 1998
After broadcasting a number of anti-gothic segments, Fox 13 was kind enough to cover our Benefit Concert. Although the segment was a little shallow, and spent more time on our clothes than on our efforts, it was overall a nice piece. Stevan, Heidi, and Madelyn are interviewed and we show off some of the scarves. Stevan talked - at length - about his clothes.


Goths: Dark, but not violent - Joseph Dee and Beth Fand, City Beat - Trenton (N.J.) Times - April 22, 1999
Written in response to the Colorado shootings of April 20, this article is lightweither, fairly positive, and completely manages to miss the point of the organization and its name - making Madelyn look like some "leader of the goths," which she of course is most emphatically not. We are working on getting a copy or link to this article.

Dark-Cloaked Goths Try to Lighten Their Image - Lisa Johnson, Out There - Salt Lake Tribune - July 24, 1998
Although Alicia and Madelyn's quotes got a little mixed up, this article did a good job of providing light-hearted insight into the GOTHICS.

Goths for Goodwill - Ben Fulton, City Beat - Salt Lake City Weekly - June 04, 1998
Our first appearance in the news, this article was quite shallow but, again, pretty positive.

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