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Current and Ongoing Events:

Bat Sponsorship!
When: Right now!
We've decided to take part in bat sponsorship programs as a GOTHICS activity. There are several organizations where you can adopt a bat. If you adopt a bat for GOTHICS, please send us the info so we can add you to the GOTHICS Adopt Bats page. Information on organizations which aid bats and provide bat sponsorship opportunities are also listed there.
Andrea was just learning to crochet!

Crochet Meetings
Where & when: 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoons (around 3pm - 6pm) at Cup Of Joe, located on 2nd South between 3rd and 4th West.
Anthony crocheting at Cup Of Joe
You don't have to spend 4 hours, but drop by and join us for a while - we can even teach you how to crochet! Regular crochet meetings help us keep in touch and can be a real blast. Sometimes, Alanja plays piano for us, which is a real treat. Bring a crochet hook and any yarn you have, or we'll provide some from our donated stash. Also, we sometimes run late, so if you get there and no one appears with yarn, give us a call or just have some coffee and read, we'll probably be there shortly.
This is for the Scarves for the Homeless project, which we began in April of '98. We crochet scarves and other warm articles for the homeless, such as ear-warmers, socks, mittens, baby booties and blankets. Several members of the group and other volunteers have learned to crochet using donated yarn; we have already delivered over 100 items to a few homeless shelters around the Wasatch Front. We hope to have more to donate to different shelters throughout the winter.

Past Events:


July 16, 2000 - Lime Kilns clean-up
For the second time (last time was in September of 1999), we went up to the historic Lime Kilns to clean up broken glass, aluminum cans, and other trash. We had a larger group this time -- Alanja, Anthony, Cheslea, Dawn, Frogg, Jeff, Jordan, Madelyn, Maxie, Paul, and another girl (?) came out and enjoyed the cooler evening weather. The kilns weren't nearly as dirty as last time, when we hauled out several huge bags stuffed with trash; this time, we only hauled out about 2 large trashbags full. We couldn't clean up all the broken glass at the bottom of the kilns, where people throw their empty bottles over the edge, but we got a lot of it picked up. The last time, we approached the University of Utah about doing this clean-up; they were so happy with our efforts that they renewed their own efforts to keep the site clean, and they contacted us about doing this year's clean-up.


Summer 1999 - Sugarhouse Rose Garden Aid with the Utah Rose Society
In the summer of 1999, we answered the call to help out with weeding and pruning in Sugarhouse Rose Garden which is maintained entirely by volunteers. The first week, Buck, Anthony, and Madelyn met up with the Rose Society coordinator Dawn on Saturday, May 29. The second week, we had a much larger crowd despite the yucky weather; Alanja, Andrea, Andrew (a friend of Buck's), Anthony, Buck, Dan, and Donya all showed up. We continued this through the summer, and when the roses bloomed, we celebrated by having a tea party among the blooms. Sadly, the Utah Rose Society decided that the garden was too much work for the quality of roses it produced, and pulled out the 800 beautiful old heirloom bushes. Our last act was to help out by digging up all the bushes, which were given away to anyone who wanted them. GOTHICS members took home many bushes, and we look forward to enjoying the blooms in our own gardens next summer. Unfortunately, the Rose Society's actions so totally angered Dawn that she severed her own connections to them and has joined G.O.T.H.I.C.S. instead. The new garden, which is about half the size and features only young bushes of newer varieties, will probably have to operate without us. Dawn wrote an essay that aired on a local non-commercial radio station, KUER, and which we've published here.
Anti-Violence Picnic.

April 25, 1999 - Picnic Against Violence
In protest against violence - international (such as the atrocities in Kosovo), national (such as the April 20 shootings in Colorado), and local (such as the mob brutality and police reaction in Liberty Park), we decided to have a picnic at Liberty Park which was mostly a social gathering with little white ribbons to protest violence. This was very well attended, despite the cold rain that eventually drove us to the nearby coffee shop. We took photos with the police who were out to make sure no one was selling drugs / drinking underage / causing trouble. Attendees included: Alanja, Andrea, Anthony, Buck, Chris whom we met on the March of Dimes WalkAmerica trek, Dan, Dan (?) from Confetti, Donya, Kevin, Leslie, Madelyn, Maxie, Patrick, Rebecca, Tony, 2 people Kevin and Rebecca knew, 3 or 4 people Leslie and Patrick knew, and various and sundry people who came up and chatted, wanted anti-violence ribbons or cookies, or just felt like visiting. If you attended and were left you out of this list, please mail madelyn@gothics.org so she can add you.
Anti-Violence Picnic.

April 24, 1999 - March of Dimes WalkAmerica
Donya, Maxie, and Madelyn all raised donations and joined in the March of Dimes WalkAmericam in which they were allowed to walk, trot, limp, and finally crawl 6.5 miles (from Sugarhouse Park to Hogle Zoo and back) through freezing rain and blustery 35 degree farenheit winds, in the name of "Saving Babies, Together," even though none of them particularly want babies themselves.

March 21, 1999 - Easter at the Hospital
Donya, Anthony, and Madelyn had a great time painting wooden eggs with about 7 or 8 kids at the Primary Children's Hospital.
Madelyn and Anthony cleaning up the graveyard.

February 28, 1999 - Salt Lake City Graveyard Clean-Up
On a perfectly beautiful day, a nice group including Aaron, Alicia, Andrea, Ann, Anthony, Dan, Donya, Heidi, Madelyn, and Maxie picked up about 3 garbage bags of trash, plus some glass and aluminum we recycled. The Salt Lake Graveyard isn't all that dirty, but there's trash there if you traipse around long enough, we discovered.


November 1998 - Food Drive
We held a food drive in conjuction with club Area 51 througout the month of November. Though there wasn't much response to this, members have managed to collect a small bundle of non-perishable food to donate to the Utah Food Bank or a similar organization before Christmas.

October 25th, 1998 - Hallowe'en at the Hospital
We led a group of 20 children at Primary Children's Hospital in making masks for Spooky Day!

October 3, 1998 - Mt. Olivet Graveyard Clean-Up
Alicia, Anthony, and Madelyn spent a few hours at the very beautiful Mt. Olivet cemetary (1342 E 500 South), cleaning and tidying up. We picked up some trash and uncovered headstones that were deeply covered with grass and mud. It was chilly, gloomy, and rainy, but we were lucky to sight a family of mule deer that had come down from the mountains in search of food. We also spotted some other black-clad wildlife, but they seem to have been frightened away by our unfamiliar scent. Or maybe it was the white trashbag...
This idea of the Cemetary cleanup project began the group in April of '98. A few members spent a couple of hours cleaning off graves in the Salt Lake Cemetery, a project similar to the Memorial Day tradition. We picked up litter, cleared away overgrown grass and weeds, straightened the broken, crooked headstones from old run-down plots and placed flowers on abandoned and forgotten graves. The graveyard clean-up allows us to help beautify one of our stereotypical hang-outs; we enjoy the irony of performing a service in a place we are often condemned for visiting. Although most members of GOTHICS do not spend our social time in cemeteries, we do appreciate the beauty and serenity of these places and want to see them preserved.
Madelyn tries to pick up a fallen headstone.

August 1, 1998 - Merrilac House clean-up
On Saturday, August 1, seven of the group (including 3 new volunteers!) went to a battered and abused women's shelter to help clean up a storage area there. Alicia, Ana, Anthony, Dave, Heidi, Madelyn, and Maxie cleaned and organized the toiletries shed, boxed and labeled hygiene items, and discarded out-dated medications while we listened to good music and enjoyed the great weather and each other's company. After our initial rejection by another battered women's shelter, we were glad to have a chance to help out this one. This project was organized through the Catholic Community Service (Salt Lake) Volunteer Program.

July 17, 1998 - Benefit Concert Kevin showing off his gothic magic at the Concert
On July 15, 1998, we held a concert involving four local bands: Passion Play, Domiana, The (now defunct) Midnight Dreary and Elsewhere. Area 51 club owner Alan Moss donated his space for the concert, and GOTHICS members worked hard to set up, manage and promote it. Miah and his gothy chest at the Benefit Concert We were especially excited about this concert because it allowed members of the larger Gothic/Industrial scene to contribute to this GOTHICS project via the cover charge. After the show, we had raised $630 for the People With AIDS Coalition of Utah. These photos of Miah and Kevin who played with The Midnight Dreary at the concert were shot by member Jeff Carlisle, and are copyrighted by him (so don't borrow them without permission). You can also see the Concert Flyer.

For information about our events or getting us to help your group, contact Utah G.O.T.H.I.C.S. at:
PO Box 616
Salt Lake City, UT 84110

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