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Resources related to the Columbine Hight School Tragedy
We were very concerned and saddened by the tragedy in Littleton, Colorado in the spring of '99. In addition to the terrible sadness of the shooting, which had us all very upset, there were additional concerns as people across the world targetted goths as perpertrators and scapegoats. Below are links to resources and information regarding the events.

  • Our official statement regarding the tragic shooting
  • A Study of Gothic Subculture: an Inside Look for Outsiders is an excellent resource on what the gothic subculture really is all about
  • Jen's page contains links to news articles and responses as they come out
  • Blood and Money is a Gothic.net benefit to raise money for the Red Cross.
  • Goths Against Hate seek to "erase the stereotypes.
  • If you have additional links or information, please contact Madelyn at madelyn@gothics.org.

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